Welcome girl and guy bosses!

I am Bea, founder of my life, and writer of this blog!

I decided to start a blog as I feel I have a lot of tips and tricks up my sleeve that could be useful to anyone trying to start a fresh, clean slate, and run their own world.

I thought I would start my blog by letting you get to know me a bit better..


I am 18 years old, out of college, British, and the boss of my life. I run a small cleaning business, a small (but lovely) social life, and i have many, many hobbies.

I have two cats, which I adore, and two grandparents, which I love. My world is pretty small right now! But I have always had BIG aspirations. I am definitely one of those people whose dream job has a lot of hyphens (such as musician-actor-cleaner-writer-artist-carer-nurse-gardener) and that used to really bug me. I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life! to be completely honest I don’t have a clue what my life will end up being, but I finally feel comfortable that I can go with the flow, and take whatever path I choose.

All I know is that I want big, happy endings, and I am determined to get them!

I must admit I am rambling and rushing this post, as I have a lot to do today, but I wanted to start this as soon as possible. I have made it a rule to post EVERY Sunday, lets hope it goes well!

My  next post will be about relationships. How to have one, how to not have one, and how to deal with being gay!

stay tuned, Bea x